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The Kali Yuga

The Introduction to the forthcoming book The Great Transformation: How Contemporary Science Harmonizes with the Spiritual Life. Like you, I was born in the Kali

The Tragedy of America

On the final page of The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald captures the tragedy of America with the metaphor of the green light. Daisy always

God and Wild Strawberries

Ten days ago, I received an email from Brian Miller commenting on a recent post of mine, God Said; We Say. The point of the

The Invention of the Self

                      Figure 1. Dürer’s self-portrait at 28 (1500). Alte Pinakothek, Munich.   In 1500, Albrecht

Why America Is Falling Apart

As of this writing, the popular votes in the divisive 2020 presidential election are 72,136,589 for Biden and 68, 649,947 for Trump. Twenty-four hours after

The Fire This Time?

To amuse ourselves during the Pandemic Experiment, my oldest grandson Yasu and I started a study group using Teams, the Microsoft version of Zoom. Within